How to fix a pocket door

Pocket doors come with limited space; you have to hide them into the wall. Do you want to close the door? Just slide it back and have privacy. It is a slide and hides feature that causes some unique problems. Here we will consider some issues you may encounter with your pocket door. Most problems can be solved without much difficulty. Can you fix a derailment door? Do you need to replace the rollers? How do you get into the wall to fix a problem? Can the rollers be lubricated? These are all the questions you can ask. The following paragraphs will address them.

Most problems with pocket doors are related to cylinder hanger mounting. The door is kept on track by roller. Look for a way to provide an adjustment to align the door and support the door’s weight. It’s not a mystery after that that most repairs will involve doing something with this package.

Lubricating pocket doors

For difficult-to-operate doors, lubrication may be the answer. The door rollers are a moving part with bearings that can become rigid. Lubrication can take it apart and save your back. A word of caution, this lubrication must be controlled. Don’t go out to the garage and get a grease gun, and you’ll be sorry. Remember that this is a finished part of your home and that the grease or oil that flows through the door will not be pleasant.

Get high-quality silicone lubricant.

You should be able to get a suitable one for this at the home or appliance store for around USD 5. This type of spray usually comes with a narrow plastic tube that allows you to apply the lubricant surgically. It should be said on the box that it is suitable for indoor appliance applications.

For pocket doors, groups of swivel hooks are located at the top of the door near each end. You will need to close the door to see both. There is a narrow space between the track and the top of the door. Use lighting, if necessary, to see the cylinders. Most pocket doors have four rollers per hook. With a cloth in hand, spray the rollers wisely with lubricants. You will probably have to climb on both sides of the door to get all the cylinders. Swing the door from side to side until the rollers move smoothly. Add a little spray as needed until you are satisfied with the process.

Pocket door fixing

Another major problem with pocket doors is alignment. Does the door rub on the floor? Does the latch refuse to catch up? Is there a space on the side of the door when it is closed? Yes to any of these questions means you have some alignment issues. Fixing the pocket door hanger will solve most, if not all, of these problems.

You can see the hangers in the space between the top of the door and the track. The hangers are threaded and have an adjustable nut on the bottom, near the door fixture. Devices that come with the door may contain one of these special keys. You have no idea where that hurts now? No, don’t feel bad, it’s probably. A slim or adjustable wrench should work.

You will need to close the door to see the hangers. Please note that any adjustment of the hangers will affect all four sides of the door. Adjusting the front suspension upward will move the bottom of the door to the frame trace side. The hangers will work against each other. Fixing to the rear hangers will reverse the front hangers.

Never get confused

If the door is straight in the hole and you need to catch it? In this case, you can adjust both hangers by the same amount. Does the door hit the door frame at the bottom before the top? In this case, you should adjust the front of the door down or the back of the door.

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