how to fix a door frame

Doors are one of the functional units of a house and ought to be maintained well. Fixing your door frame properly is quite important so that your door works properly when opening and closing it. Door frames can get damaged or worn out over time, thus replacing it with the right fix procedure is important.

A new door installation will also require you to fix the frame from scratch, either by a DIY or hiring the service of a handyman. With the right tools and equipment, a door frame fix will be no hassle since you can manage to do it if you have a step-by-step guide.

How do you fix a door frame? Here is a step by step guide to it:

Tools and equipment you need

  • 1. Hammer
  • 2. Nails
  • 3. Wood shims
  • 4. Lever
  • 5. Pry bar
  • 6. Tape measure
  • 7. Carpenter square
  • 8. Door frame

how to fix a door frame

Step 1:Measurements

Since you cannot guess the exact size of the door frame you need taking measurements is inevitable. Using your tape measure, you need to have accurate dimensions of the width, length, and height. Measuring ensures that as you buy the door frame, you will have an easy installation since you have a perfect cut frame. However, if you are skilled or competent in woodworks, you may buy the raw materials and cut your frame after you have the right measurements. Please write down the measurements as you take them so that you do not forget any of them. If you had an old door frame, you might use it as an accurate measure as well since it was well installed previously.

Step 2: Remove the old frame.

Since you need a new fix, the old door frame must be removed carefully without causing any damage. Use your pry bar or hammer and chisel to get rid of it, starting from the bottom of the frame and work your way up. Removing the nails will require you to use a lever on the hammer so that you do not damage any surface while you remove the frame. Do not forget to remove the shims, which will need to be also replaced.

Step 3: Check the level status

For an even fix, you need to make sure all is aligned before you get to install your door frame. Your carpenter square will be of great assistance for this. The surface of the wall should be on an even level, and the door frame should have an allowance at the bottom for good open and close. If you happen to notice this is not the case, use the shims that you have to make it happen by inserting them. If your old shims are in good condition, instead of replacing or buying new ones, you may use them. However, for a new installation purchasing a new set will be inevitable for you since you are doing everything from scratch. The level status should also match the frame dimensions that you took earlier for an accurate fix.

Step 4: fun fix

Now that you have prepared everything before you get to fix the frame, this should be an easy hack for you. Slide the door frame into position, making sure it’s against the shims that you fixed while checking the level. Hammer nails through the frame carefully without hitting it so that you do not damage it. This should be done at each shim for a firm grip as you make sure the frame is tightly held to the wall material. After you are done, confirm that you did a neat job before getting to seal any holes with wood filler. Open or close the door several, and if you did it well seal all holes with wood filler and paint the frame for the successful fix.

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