how to adjust door hinges

Your home begins to ‘settle’ after a short while, and certain things may start shifting. The slight shifting will eventually turn into a nightmare when not sorted out immediately. Your door is among the first things that might begin shifting once your home ‘settles.’

You need to adjust your door hinges when your door starts to drag on the floor, close on its own, or has a large gap when closed. There are four ways that you can use to adjust your door hinges when fixing the above common problems. Let us take a closer look.


  • 3-inch screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife
  • Chisel
  • Pencil
  • Nailset
  • Wood plugs
  • Wrench
  • Drill
  • Hammer

Method 1: Add a long screw

Start by unscrewing the center screw located on the top hinge of your door. Use your screwdriver to complete the first step quickly. You then need to replace your center screw with a long 3-inch screw. For best results, ensure that you drive the new screw tightly into the frame. Doing this ensures that you change the top gap on your door.

Method 2: Bend the hinge

Start by placing a nailset between your hinge knuckle and hinge plate. Proceed to pull your door slowly towards its closed position. Doing this will widen the gap, which will allow you to remove the hinge pin. Use your wrench to bend the door knuckles toward the handle. The gap will be closed effectively, and you can then proceed to replace the hinge pin.

Method 3: cut away from your mortise

Remove all the three screws located on the hinge plate placed against your door frame. You need to remove the frame while taking note of its position. Use your pencil to mark your plate’s initial position on the door frame.

Tracing along the impression is an excellent way to identify the position of the hinge plate. Cut along the line that you have drawn to enlarge your mortise. You can then comfortably accommodate your hinge plate once you remove all the excess wood. Your plate should sit flat when you are done. Reinstall your hinge plate, and the door should be as good as new.

Method 4: Reposition the hinge

Remove all the three screws on your hinge plate using a screwdriver. The hinge plate sits against the frame of your door. Use a hammer and wood plugs to close the existing screw holes. Use a chisel and utility knife to ensure that the plugs are flush with your door. You can then reposition your hinge and proceed to dree three new holes. Reattach your hinge in the new position using a screwdriver and screws.


Adjusting door hinges is a simple project that you can complete within a short period. Ensure that you take your time to ensure that your door is fixed correctly. The method you use will depend on the kind of problem you want to fix. With DIY projects, there is always room for experimentation, which is excellent when you are a handy individual.

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